Google Glass

Google Glass Still Needs to improve a lot. As a matter of fact this type of device is an innovative unpolished technology. But it’s got a major problem practically that the user to be donned on the face throughout a day, is really a barrier. Those who have some prevented buzz, the Google glass is a revolutionary computer system. It shaped like an eyeglass frame it has many extremely cool stuff.

Google Glass is having a surrounding display which has a little, clear box linked to the device’s framework just over the user’s correct attention. The user interact with the Google Glass through  swiping the touch sensitive temple .As the user interact the Google Glass responds by displaying details on glass as well as send sound and words to ear by using bone-conduction technology. Google Glass has included into Google Glass a vitiate the excellent voice search technology. Utilizing this function, We requested Google Glass exactly how to state “hello” in Priya, and it rapidly provided me with the translation, simultaneously saying it to my earphone and presenting it on the screen.

The analyst discovered other problems with the Glass. To use the touch-sensitive temple, you have to learn from a  collection of one and two-finger gestures, neither of which have actually been intuitive. If you are doing the incorrect one, you could possibly end up on the incorrect web page.

Although Google Engineers have designed the screen therefore it won’t prevent your direct range of view, it still occludes a significant part of your peripheral sight. The Glass Fails against bright sky and also while searching at a noisy scene for example in crowd or wind.

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